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Professor Paddle Balls

Every year this online community enjoys an annual get together where we have fun, race, playboat, launch off Ramps, Make BIG fires, and generally cause a rukus. Of course since the paddling community in general is made up of only the people with noble and contright backgrounds we have dubbed this festival the Professor Paddle Ball.

2012 PP Ball
Stay tuned for updates as we get our details posted on this years event!

A History of our Balls
Back in 2005 a few friends were sitting around a camp fire up at Icicle Creek enjoying the warmth of a cold brew over the normal boating BS stories that take place during the evening. I had only ever been to one festival before, the wenatchee river festival but I was intrigued by the idea of having an event that was more about hanging out around a fire after boating as much as it was about the actual "events". The first year we decided to cleanse our colons by having a chili cook off and it went pretty well. We all agreed however, that if we were going to do it again we would need A. Porta Potties on site, and B. More room. So the next year we rented a bigger site, got porta potties and did the same thing again. After the event we found that we would need more porta potties, more kegs and a bigger space. So the next year we went bigger with an orchard location, we incorporated more official events, and the weekend started taking shape as a regional festival for paddling. Every year we look forward to having fun, meeting new friends, shooting the shiazz with old ones, and of course trying to get more new faces to show up at our Balls. We hope to see you there!
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