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2010 PP Ball Wrap up

As you all know this year was a blast out on the Wenatchee during the annual PP Ball. Dan and Adam went over the top in getting everything set up and running the event. We had some epic fire runs with pretty stout Pallet stacks to dance a jig on, and of course the events were a great time.

Better Late then Never

Some of you might be wondering why this is coming out so late after the ball and the answer is two part. First we want to make sure all of our sponsors get as much credit as possible because they are the driving force that makes this event a fund raiser! Second is that this last weekend I had the opportunity to hang out and drink a few beers with Matt Thomas down in Medford, OR who was our focus for fund raising this year. Since we have officially handed over the fundraiser I wanted to express one final Big SHOUT OUT online to everyone that helped, Friends, Sponsors, Phil, Event Organizers (
and even the rafters that stopped by drank our beer and never chipped in). Because of all of your hard work and support we were able to raise over $2,000 bucks for Matt this year. On that note I would like to let everyone know that Matt is doing amazing. I was blown away by his progress and think that although he has plenty more on his plate, he is going to lick it clean! He has fun getting out in Ashland where he prefers to kick it and also where we hung out for burgers and beers. Apparently he says "Medford is more of a ghetto like Renton while Ashland is the Redmond of the area" he must have forgotten that I live in Renton....   Right now he shared two goals he has, getting more time scheduled at this Intensive Physical Therapy Clinic in Carlsbad, CA and of course getting a car outfitted so he can be back on the road. The second would be more important if you ask me since I know how much he likes to drive, but the progress he made in his last visit down south makes me think that he has his priorities in line!  Either way you strike it up, Matt is kickin ass and we should all be excited about his progress, but still more excited to find ways we can support him. Both of his goals are going to require money that apparently doesn't grow on trees, so take some time and consider donating to help support Matt! (More Details to follow on this) - But for now consider checking out his blog:

On to the Ball

This year we had some epic events go down with pretty awesome results, take a gander at what you had fun doing, or missed out on.

 Video created By Matt Kurle for the PP Post Ball Video Contest - Matt took home a Go Pro HD Camera!!!

The Ramp this year was Epic! Adam Ales fabricated this beast at the K2 Warehouse and we had fun hucking off it all weekend long. Rafters and River go'ers stopped along their float all weekend to gawk in awe at the tower of power, and of course all the Sponsor Flags waiving in the wind!

More Photos at these links


The Creek race was awesome with GoPro's stashed in the woods up and down the banks catching time lapsed photos. With racers in kayaks and rafts, the winners were rewarded and the event was celebrated back at the Camp fire that night.

Read more about the creek race here:

I am still bummed that I missed the rodeo. Over and over I heard about this C1 paddler that threw down so hard Eric Jackson is going to change all his boats outfitting for C1 paddlers. Of course that is a joke but the victory for Nick Hinds of Canoe and Kayak magazine is not. The rumor is that you could almost get motion sick watching him on the wave. 

Of course this whole Event was possible because of our sponsors. So take a moment and visit their websites and make sure you are supporting the companies that support us!!!!

WRSI Helmets

Predator Helmets


Sweet Protection

IR (Immersion Research)

Outdoor Research

Jacks Plastic Welding

Brushy Mountain - River Gypsies



World Kayak


Silvercity Brewery



I think the greatest part about the PP Ball is that, after all the work is done every year we get to look back at a long list of individuals and businesses that have stepped up and supported our event and more importantly our community. I personally think that I get the very best seat for this experience because for the last several years I have been the one to get to hand over our fund raising to the folks in our community we have had the opportunity to stand behind, so please let me try my hardest to share this response, your generosity and efforts have been much appreciated year after year.

Thanks again and I will see you on the river!

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