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Tem River Runner/ Wounded Warrior Safety Boater

Class: III      GMap
4. State Play (Leavenworthless to Cashmere)
Trip Date: 5/26/2012
Written on: 5/27/2012
Written by:

River was at at about 8000 and we were to hang around with TRR and WWP to help out in case one of these folks cam tumbling out of the raft.  It turned out that we were unnecessary and they all had a great time.

For myself, it was my first time on the Wenatchee.  I was at the WRF in 2011 but I was that representing Big Dog Kayaks with my daughter and wasn't able to get out on the river, which was a bummer.  I had a great time and particularly like the stretch right ofter the dam as it was nice and continuous.  I did get thumped on a wave at Snowblind.  I was just getting on the wave in the center of the river and it broke and punched right down onto my head.  It was hard enough to get a good ride as I was in a high volume boat that was NOT ideal for surfing and all of my attention was focused on staying on the wave.  The addition of the wave breaking onto me caused my capsize.  It happened so fast that there was no brace.

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