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Flipped IK (Ducky) in rock and roll

Class: III      GMap
4. State Play (Leavenworthless to Cashmere)
Trip Date: 5/26/2012
Written on: 6/4/2012
Written by:

A guide friend and I were play boating in a little inflatable kayak (IK). It was my first time steering the thing, so when we hit rock and roll on the Wenatchee, I was in for a fun learning experience (and a nice swim). I hit the first wave on the left side of rock and roll just a little sideways (which is always fine in a paddle raft), and it flipped us good. Just like that, I was in a rapid sans boat for the first time. My friend and I hung on to the upside down boat as the current carried us toward "Satan's Eyeball". She got some of it, but I somehow stayed clean. She had some experience with the boat, so she was able to get up on top of it (it was still upside down). When we hit the first wave of the lower section of rock and roll though, it re-flipped and I got thrown 20 feet down stream from the IK. She got back on again and picked me up, I got back in, and we eddied out just in time for lunch. Our paddle raft full of guests (guided by another of our guide friends) flipped later in the rapid in the hole known as "Satan's Asshole", and another boat had to pull them in to shore. Overall, some fun carnage and a longish fun swim. The rest of the run went smoothly, I guided the guests in the paddle raft down to Cashmere without incident. My friend who was guiding the paddle raft caught it all on his go pro, check it out. check it out

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