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Not so fun flip and swim

Class: III      GMap
4. State Play (Leavenworthless to Cashmere)
Trip Date: 6/3/2012
Written on: 6/4/2012
Written by:

On Sunday the friend the flipped IK story and I were both in a brand new boat that has now been christened "the tippy canoe." Why? Story time. She was guiding the boat at the time, and I was just a support paddler. We came down the first wave train above Boulder Bend on the Wenatchee (13000 cfs, higher than any of us had seen it before). I told her about the monstrous boat shaking wave we don't hit called "Aguirre" (meaning the wrath of god), but she misjudged the way the water was going as we approached it. Not only did we go right into it, we went in sideways with no momentum! As you'd expect, we flipped. Hard. A few of our guests were flung from the boat as it went over, and ended up swimming the left side of Boulder Bend. Needless to say, they had a rough swim. Meanwhile, the two of us and our other guest stayed with the overturned raft as it drifted towards the center of the rapid. I got to my friend and tried to help her up onto the raft, but I couldn't get my hands to her feet (awkward...) and then she was separated from the boat by a big wave. I hung on throughout the entire rapid, though my paddle got ripped out of my hand near the end. It was an incredibly hairy swim that I hope I don't end up repeating any time soon. Still, it was kind of fun to have the adrenaline pumping...

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