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2006 Liquid Logic Jefe
Reviewed by: James on 5/14/2007Rating :

The Jefe was a killer new creek boat released a few years back that swept the local scene by storm. Since then alot of people have moved on but the Jefe has still managed to keep its place in quite a few closets across the Pacific Northwest.

The Jef has great speed, it takes just a few quick strokes to get it moving and although you have to work it, it keep the speed through whitewater also.


The jefe is not as short as the Huka or some of the little creekers but it still boofs like a little boat. The rocker has just enough angle to make it easy when your timing is less than perfect.

Keepin in Line
In this area the Jefe Fails with a capital F. The displacement hull and lack of lines leaves this like a waivering missle. You will be amazed how often you will need correct draw strokes on the bow to keep this boat in line. After running a few planning hulls it is easy to see why this single area is detracting from the boats appeal to many paddlers.

Over All the Jefe boof's great, and is a fun boat to paddle. It resurfaces well from drops and is very comfy to sit in. There is plenty of room in the stern for self supporting and there are grab handles located all over the boat in great areas that are useful too!

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