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2007 Shred Ready T-dub
Reviewed by: CRG Productions on 10/25/2007Rating :

Every kayaker faces the challenge of replacing thier helmet over thier years of boating. Creekboaters tend to put more thought into it than playboaters for the simple fact of full coverage on thier head. I recently had to buy a new helmet and the style I had been wearing (Sweet-Holly Diver) for years was no longer in production so the search was on. After countless hours of searching through full coverage helmets and waiting to see what the new designs were for 07' I was able to get my hands on a LE T-Dub helmet from Shred Ready. I was sceptical at first, since my previous helmet seemed to cover more, however after using the T-Dub I was sold on the fit, as easy as a couple adjustments striaght out of the box, and coverage, when your in the tuck and lock possition everything is fully covered! It tends to sit low on my head with the extra 3/4 inch coverage all the way around the brim of the helmet, but once on the river it keeps vison directed in one place, downstream! The T-Dub is basically a Shaggy with an extra 3/4 inch all the way around it for additional coverage. Shread Ready has released the T-Dub again for 08' in a full production line in all the standard colors. If you are looking for a new helmet, check this one out. It is well worth a look. And for the playboaters, It is reversable so you can wear it backwards for more visability in a playhole.

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