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Posted by: James on 1/17/2012

SOPA and PIPA are two acronyms getting tossed around right now. Do you know what they are? Are you doing anything to stop it?

Before we go into the guts and links that you can read for yourself let me explain how it affects ProfessorPaddle.

First this is an open community but tightly knit, we don't really have problems with people getting out of line, mainly because most of us know each other, and new members are quickly introduced on rivers and so the relationships we hold are not just E-Relationships. For that reason we don't see a ton of bashing, spamming, and or improper posting. So what is the problem?

Improper Posting is a loose phrase that means different things to different people. I will show an example

A certain member posts a nice little video clip of Chelan Gorge not a single person considers it improper. But just the very use of the music he uses would be a violation of this new law. Now lets say that this user uploaded his video on YouTube and then linked the video here so we can watch it. Under the proposed new legislation here is what would happen. YouTube would first be held responsible for hosting the illegal content, if they were an international site operating out of the US then the Govt. would ban the DNS to prevent easy access. ProfessorPaddle would then be held liable for just having a Link to the content. The author of course would also be held liable.

This would not apply to just Music. Imagine the areas this would cover. The usage of lyrics, the quoting of other authors, perhaps even at some point the usage of images containing copyrighted graphics. Read more about this stuff below.

Open Congress :

Actual Bill :

Here are some things you should read about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)

Good Write Up:

More :

Nice little Video

Get involved:

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