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water wacko's Submission - Entered on 3/11/2012 7:07:00 AM

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1 - bl. Tunnel Creek to Rainbow Campground (Upper)
Big Quilcene
Class V+
Avg Gradient 165 fpm
Play Rating (1-10): 0
County Jefferson
Zip Code 0
Put In Longitude -122.9581223
Put In Latitude 47.7812767
Take Out Longitude -122.9204102
Take Out Latitude 47.7733612

There is currently no Gauge Data on this stretch. Please Email us if you have details about a realtime gauge for this river.
Minimum Recomended Level:  300      Maximum Recomended Level:  900  

  Putin Details

See Bennet or Korb book.

  Takeout Details

See Bennet or Korb book.

 River Alerts GMaps
Not used in Beta Mode Putin | Take Out | Shuttle | General Area

  Other Issues

River Level:

Recent reports indicate 250-350, with 350 being high (Spring 2009). Gauge may be unreliable from year to year. Years ago we did a run at 550 on this gauge and it was not considered too high.

  Fun Facts

Some helmet cam footage of a raft run down the Big Q. After SF Sko footage.

   Run Description

* This beta is from a raft cockpit. The vid looked STOUT with that much water. just sayin'... * ~ Brett    

As of 11/8/09 things are good to go; with some wood in places. We had 290-270 cfs according to the DOE guage above (dropping). Level was low, but 100 cfs more would be a lot bigger. Effort to pleasure ratio is about even right now. A couple of the better drops are woody. When that cleans up it will be better. I'd say a good first time level would be 250-300 depending on your comfort level.
There is wood:
1. right above Casserly Cascade in the small gorge you have to portage then duck/float under. Scout/portage right.
2. at the entrance to the landslide drop (portage right). Rest of the drop goes.
3. at the top drop of the double drop (can portage entire drop on left or just the top drop right and run bottom.) Careful of sieve (with wood) at bottom of drop.
4. the BIG LOG jam. Last time I was in there we lowered off backside of log jam and ran the rest of the rapid. Rapid has changed. Looks like the left side goes, however, we opted for the portage route with fixed rope on right bank (sucks).
5. various other places...keep eyes open and you should be fine.

All that being said, the river shot up to over a 1000 the next day. All bets are off, wood could be somewhere else now.

New Beta as of May 2011:
390-400 on the internet guage seemed good, it was right around 2 on the stick guage near the end.
0. Small logjam right above Casserly's still there. Easy portage on right.
1. In a difficult to scout rapid after a narrow slot on the left wall there is wood in the right channel, left side fine.
2. There is a river wide logjam that is obvious if you are paying attention (you should be on the whole run) near the end of the upper. It is an easy portage on the left.
3. Shortly after above portage is a logjam on the right. The left channel drops into a terrible sieve, don't run it. Portage awkwardly down the right (there is a rope) and run the rest down the right.

The run is great right now. Effort to pleasure ratio is good. Get it while it's good.

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