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kurle's Submission - Entered on 12/19/2010 7:28:00 PM

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3 - Verlot to Granite Falls (Robe Canyon Run)
Stillaguamish, S. Fork
Class V
Avg Gradient 56 fpm
Max Gradient 180 fpm
Play Rating (1-10): 0
County Snohomish
Zip Code 0
Put In Longitude -121.849606633186
Put In Latitude 48.107696256915
Take Out Longitude -121.9526367
Take Out Latitude 48.1027985

   Gauge Information (Last updated with USGS at 5/26/2017 12:37:08 PM)
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
SF STILLAGUAMISH RIVER NEAR G NWRFC | FC Page 5.43  5.43 ft  3rd Party Gauge 5/26/2017 12:15:00 PM
Minimum Recomended Level:  4.8 ft     Maximum Recomended Level:  6.2 ft 

  Putin Details

Head out the Mountain Loop Hwy until you see some real estate signs. Unload here and maybe park a hundred yards away or so at a larger pull out. Go back towards the signs, and hike through the woods past some old cabins. Find a trailhead descending into the woods, and you'll soon pop out in a dry flood channel. walk downstream and you'll see the river.

  Takeout Details

Drive out to Granite Falls and head out on the mountain loop hwy towards Monte Cristo. Just as you leave granite falls you will pass the actual Granite Falls. There is a large pull out on either side of the road and this is the Take out just before you cross the bridge over the river.

 River Alerts GMaps
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Features on this run

Feature Name Feature Class
Mr. Funky Winker Beaner IV+
T1 & T2 (Tunnel Rapids) V
Last Sunshine V
Hotel California V
Nash Compactor V !!
Hole in the Wall IV
Dead Deer Drop
Face-plant V
Catcher's Mitt V
Short Stop
Landslide V+
Garbage V
The Rhythm Section
20 Footer (Cat's Paw) V
Off Broadway IV-V
Rob's Hole
Conversation V
Mrs Robinson IV-V
Miracle Fabric/Spinal Tap IV
Granite Falls V+
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  Other Issues

This run gets sandbagged a lot by local class V boaters who run it a lot. Make no mistake it should be treated as a class V run. The canyon is remote, and hiking out can be a real problem. People get hurt in here. The run changes so frequently that even if you think you've gotten familiar with it, don't take it for granted that you know what every little wave and hole is doing.

  Fun Facts

First off, it's interesting to note that the name "Stilliguamish" means "River People".

There's lots of rapids, with lots of routes and moves. But due to it's changeable nature, it's almost never the same run twice!

   Run Description

The run starts off with about a 1 mile flatwater paddle before about 1/2 mile of II-III. Once you are wondering when it is going to start ... it does. The river quickly comes to a turn with a class IV ledge that can be run several different ways ("Funky Winkerbean"). Once you're past the first ledge you quickly come to "T1", "T2" and "Last sunshine". Do not run T1 if you want to scout Last Sunshine. You must look at Last Sunshine from a trail that starts above T1. T2 has an incredible boof between two humps of water in the center of the channel.

Last Sunshine is the most vertical drop on the run. You no longer can boof it in the center because a huge boulder got shoved there, blocking it. The standard line is to drive hard left against the R.Left wall,airing your boof out over a compound slope into some turbulent water where several seams of whitewater merge together. Exercise Caution: More than a few people have landed on their rightside shoulders here and tweaked, damaged or dislocated them. As you enter the slide you'll spot an abrupt kicker. Not the easiest boof, but when you hit it properly it feels great!

After Last Sunshine there's a log limbo and then about a half mile of solid IV-IV+ rapids (depending on flow),and as you go up on the water level it gets much harder. This section does not have any flatwater before it comes to a corner. There is a good sized ledge and then the river bombs down toward "Hotel California". At the bottom of the drop is a healthy hole. Avoid the center.You scout on river right.

After this drop you'll run some simple rapids. Then you'll see a huge remnant of the railroad- a concrete structure on R. Right. Just beside it is another ledge with an undercut cave room called "Hole in the Wall". Simply boof the ledge along the left side of it to avoid getting stuffed into the R. Right bank. It's generally not so bad. Below Hole in the Wall you will paddle through another 1/4 mile of class IV-IV+ before coming to "FaceBook". It has a manky boulder garden at the top that tightens up into a series of diagonal holes. There's a headwall at the bottom on R. Left with an ugly looking pocket of foam stuffed into it. The whole thing flushes and all though it looks big you come out one way or the other.There are some gnarly clusters of rock on the right towards the bottom, so stay center. The current will tend to push you hard left anyway you slice it.

Immediately downstream is "Catcher's Mit". This is a ledge that has a great flake in the middle but just behind the flake is a dangerously positioned pin rock. If you hit that flake sideways you could be in a world of trouble... just like D1's Air Boof Pin. You can boof the ledge drop on R. Left- watch out- people occassionally get worked over here, or you can take a line down the R. Right bank: the flake rock recently shifted and canted to the right, providing a nice glassy fan of water to run through provided you favor the right side of it. There is yet another ledge drop immediately below here, so stay on your line.

There is a short rapid with three routes below "Catcher's Mit"- don't get complacent if you run the right channel along the right wall with most of the current-- The wall has a pocket indented slightly into it big enough to trap a boat. This is "Short Stop". A really junky boulder strewn mess is right below here traditionally called "Z-turn", which aptly describes the left most line. If you run down the center through the "Junkyard" be sure to favor the right as far as you can get- there's serious pin potential in the center of the river. Stay on your toes.

Another 1/4 mile or less of Class IV brings you to "Landslide Rapid". This is a complete Class V+ but at lower levels it is so sieved out it is hard to imagine. Totally clean of wood now. Most people portage it along the R.Right bank (the rock may not be stable every time you visit so be careful).

Below Landslide there's a simple class III+ ledge in the center of the river, followed by "Garbage". SCOUT This!! (on R. Left). Click on the Rapid description on the right side of this page and read it. Run the canter of the main channel as close to the R. Left boulder as you dare, watch for piton rocks further right of the boulder.Careful not to get to the outside of the turn on the left--There's a huge ugly log, and the water sieves out beneath the large boulder flanking the current. Lately (as of 2010)the right side of the river has cleaned up, offering a blown out flume into some rocks. Guys are calling this the "Dumpster Dive". It's easy to piton or pin in here, though, so be carefull, and make sure there's enough water.

After "Garbage" there's a long series of various class III-IV rapids with multitudes of runnable routes. Eventually you come to some more horizon lines cluttered with large boulders. There's a 5' wide boof (maybe a 6' drop or so) next to a large boulder on R. Left. Enter here, usually catching an eddy on the Left or in the center afterward. Below here you can take the tall boof in the center (It's been called "20ft falls" but it's really only 12'-15' if that.) or you can follow the main current around to the right (Rob calls this the "Cat's Paw"). There's a class IV runnout,and then some calm water.

The next big drop is "Off Broadway", named after a certain talented paddler who also has a talent for acting. It contains a riverwide broken ledge that contains a variety of routes at different water levels. Scout on R. Right. The most common line is among two or three flakes in the center. Boof the flake that looks most appealing to you. Watch this drop at lower flows. The second drop in this rapid can be run right or left. Left is junky but it goes. The rightside is where you'll meet "Dolly Parton" and get to boof her gigantic hairdoo!You can boof her bangs high and get airborn, or fall off into her cleavage- whatever works for ya!

There's a class III rapid with a swell 'lil "death slot" in it: run down center Left with the main current and spot two medium small rocks. Bank the pillow between them and feel the love.

Shortly after this rapid you'll begin descending into "Conversation". The canyon walls narrow up and the waves are big and powerful. You'll get several facefulls of water that may obscure your vision, but quickly you'll find yourself in a short, swift pool above another broken ledge drop. Most people run along the right bank and find the obvious boof, although there are other routes at various water levels. There's a hole below the boof ledge that can be sticky!

Just below Conversation is a ledge called "Mrs. Robinson" that you can run left or right. The left is very sticky and the right is too but that is the route that seems to go better. Watch this ledge it is... you guessed it--sticky!!

- Just a quick Reminder - DON'T MISS THE GOBLIN BOOF - it may be dry at lower flows.

Another 1/4 mile of class II-III brings you to a final class III-IV drop called "Spinal Tap"or "Miracle Fabric", depending on which direction you drive from when you head to Robe. Run just to the left of the large boulder, or take an easier line to the right of it and boof a ledge. That opens the run up to about 1 mile or more of a flatwater paddle out.It's very scenic through here, and the current keeps moving at all but the lowest of low flows. Don't forget to keep your eye out for the stick guage on R.Right when you start seeing houses, and play the guessing game with your buddies about what you think the guage will read...

There is a class III rapid before you will see the Bridge Over head... Get out immediately below the bridge on R. LEFT, because granite falls is just below.

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