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Icicle Creek    3 - Ricochet Section (Middle)™ ©
Class V-V+

River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -120.76884 Putin
Put In Latitude : 47.5509326
Take Out Longitude : -120.71558 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 47.5429956
County : Chelan Shuttle
   Gauge Information (Professor Paddle updated levels from DOE - Icicle Cr. Nr Leavenworth at 1/31/2017 9:18:16 AM)
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
DOE - Icicle Cr. Nr Leavenworth n/a  138 cfs  Washington State DOE /2017 04:45
Minimum Recomended Level:  450 cfs     Maximum Recomended Level:  1500 cfs 


You can put in at 8 mile C.G. if you want to run Ricochet, or you can scramble down from the road and put in below Ricochet. Take out at the Grey Bridge, above " The Seive", or above the diversion dam... There are many access options.

  Putin Details

While many paddlers begin at 8 Mile Camp Ground you can really start anywhere you want. It is common to put in at "RV" and combine the Upper and Middle if flows are a little higher.

  Takeout Details

From the Grey Bridge down to the Low Head Dam above the unrunnable SNOW CREEK CATARACT, there are several take out options. Just don't go below the irrigation diversion dam. Even Paul Bunyon would get pinned in the Snow Creek Cataract. If you gotta probe it, get footage!

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 There is wood stuck in the rock that creats the sieve in the Sieve Rapid. You can still make the move though. - Posted by: tiziak on 4/24/2012 11:49:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

 Wood in the runout of Ricochet, where the river narrows and takes a right turn, there''s a log on the left. Stay right. Also in the rapid above the plunge. River right log from shore into the right line. Left side goes. - Posted by: mikefromTX on 11/25/2015 4:53:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

Icicle CreekWhitewater Forum

Features on this run

Feature Name Class
Ricochet V+
Son of Ricochet V
House Rapid IV-V
Speed Bumps / Curler IV-V
Sieve Rapid V
Ookie Dookie IV+
Horseshoe V
The Plunge V
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  Other Issues

A new gauge is being implemeted for Icicle. Here are some comparative values compiled by WA Boater...

Here are some numbers from last season over there:
Wenatchee @ Peshastin     Icicle USGS     Icicle Realtime     
4100          800          4.1-4.2          
5300          1050-1100     4.7-4.8          
5600          1050-1100     4.8-4.9          
6000          1200          5.1-5.0          
5600          1200-1100     5          
7200          1400          5.55          
6400          1400          5.3          
6100          1400                    
7800          1500          5.7          last years PP race
6900          1500          5.6          
7100          1550          5.7          
8000          1600          5.9          
7200          1600          5.8          
8100          1700          6          
8000          1700          6          
8400          1800                    
9800          2100          6.3     

DOE Icicle gauge     

  Fun Facts

This is a great summer roadside run. It can be explored drop by drop or as a whole. With minimal portages and really fluid lines this NW classic will have you back year after year.

Jimi Hendrix was once seen sitting on one of these big granite boulders, picking his guitar.

   Run Description [Season: Early Spring or Late Summer]

The "Middle" section of Icicle Creek or "Ricochet Section" is a great section of difficult whitewater that will test skills in a safer setting than most V-V+. Still, it is very intricately complex and full of surprises, and generally not a place to try out for the swim team. Very technical and pretty much non stop action. Its best to follow someone who intimately knows the run until you get familiar with it yourself.

The run starts off at 8mi. C.G. with some bouldery Class II-IV before coming to a very short pool above "Ricochet" which the run is named after. This 1/2 mile Class V-V+ beast is worth a thorough scout. Scout it before your run along R. Left, then get a high vantage point of the rapid's entrance on River Right. If you decide to portage, ferry across to R. Left and portage along the road.
   Ricochet is long, steep, and complex. Most paddlers tackle it at lower flows when the boulders are high and dry. At higher flows it is a powerhouse of whitewater. "Ricochet Rock" is a large flat boulder that can be found lurking two thirds of the way down. Most paddlers try to boof it on the right.
    The run out of this rapid is so distinctly easier that many consider it a different rapid. This has been called "Son of Ricochet".

Below Ricochet most of the water goes through the leftmost channel, culminating in a sweet boof. There is an isolated bank shot on a harmless pillow in the center after the island, followed by a long series of class IV all the way to the Grey Bridge, a common take out when the water is higher. After the grey bridge is "House Rapid". Good boaters have gotten schooled boofing the backed up ledge center left. Routes exist to the right that open up more as you add water.

After "House Rapid" you will have a few more smaller rapids before arriving at the Curler. This section comes at you quick and doesn't let up until just above "The Seive". This rapid is composed of some ugly clusters of boulders that frequently collect wood. Its worth paddling with someone who'll know where it is, otherwise it would be easy to run into blind. It is often portaged at river level on R. Right.
    Just below the sieve drop is the entrance rapids to "Horseshoe". Negotiate some technical left to right chutes riding the "pillow of god" into a big eddy on R. Right. Scout from the granite bench. Unless you enjoy dropping into a boxing ring you can't get out of, you'll probably like this easy portage. Horseshoe is quickly followed by a sweet 100 meters of class IV-V ending with "The Plunge"! Both are constricted, distinct drops that are easily spotted from the road on the way up.


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