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Icicle Creek    2 - "RV" to below "Log Limbo" (Upper)™ ©
Class IV+(V)

River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -120.81231 Putin
Put In Latitude : 47.589459
Take Out Longitude : -120.79285 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 47.57403
County : Chelan Shuttle
   Gauge Information (Professor Paddle updated levels from DOE - Icicle Cr. Nr Leavenworth at 1/31/2017 9:18:16 AM)
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
DOE - Icicle Cr. Nr Leavenworth n/a  138 cfs  Washington State DOE /2017 04:45
Minimum Recomended Level:  600 cfs     Maximum Recomended Level:  1500 cfs 


What we refer to these days as "Upper Icicle" is really the beginning of the whitewater described in the Bennette Book as "The Middle".

  Putin Details

Most people put in above the top of the rapid "RV". The put in is marked by a gigantic pullout, and commonly there can be an RV parked there. If you drive up to Jonny Creek C.G. you've gone a bit too far.
A small trail at the north end of the pullout leads to the river, just upstream of a rapid recently changed by a mudslide that entered on R. Right.

  Takeout Details

Most take out just below Log Limbo and do a few laps on the upper. Some prefer a longer run, paddling the flatwater down to Bridge Creek campground where they portage class VI "Bridge Creek Rapid" on R. Left, and continue down past 8mi. Creek C.G. to run the Middle Stretch. This is a somewhat flow dependent option.

Sometimes people will choose to take out just above the bridge upstream of Bridge Creek C.G. Just be aware of class VI "Bridge Creek Rapid" below the bridge. There's a huge granite wall on R. Right across from the campground, an obvious signal for most paddlers.

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 There is new wood in Log Limbo. It''s about halfway down the rapid on river right. It is a large log that extends upstream. It''s in play but avoidable. - Posted by: tiziak on 6/17/2014 5:40:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

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Features on this run

Feature Name Class
Roadside Attraction V
Born On The Fourth Of July IV
Log Limbo V
Bridge Creek VI
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  Other Issues

A new gauge is being implemeted for Icicle. Here are some comparative values compiled by WA Boater...

Here are some numbers from last season over there:
Wenatchee @ Peshastin     Icicle USGS     Icicle Realtime     
4100          800          4.1-4.2          
5300          1050-1100     4.7-4.8          
5600          1050-1100     4.8-4.9          
6000          1200          5.1-5.0          
5600          1200-1100     5          
7200          1400          5.55          
6400          1400          5.3          
6100          1400                    
7800          1500          5.7          last years PP race
6900          1500          5.6          
7100          1550          5.7          
8000          1600          5.9          
7200          1600          5.8          
8100          1700          6          
8000          1700          6          
8400          1800                    
9800          2100          6.3          

This is a very fun run, usually very continuous at all but the lowest flows. A swim on Icicle in many spots could be a long one resulting in the loss of some or all of your gear. Be alert and keep an eye on each other.

  Fun Facts

Icicle Creek is like a huge all you can eat buffet. At any flow during the snow melt season you can find something to run in the class IV-V range. If flows are low enough you may want to check out the Middle, where Ricochete lives. The Upper has a pretty wide range of flows that can be run, depending on your own highwater sensibilities. Low flows on Upper Ici can be good for boaters who are wanting to push into some IV+. When Ici gets really high, you can go down to the Lower and find a really fun run similar to a mini North Fork Payette in character, only perhaps not as steep. There are lots of options all up and down it, and you can pick and choose your access points.

   Run Description [Season: Spring & Summer]

**After the mudslides of 2011, there are two spots on Upper Icicle that have changed in notable ways**

The Rapid that used to be known as "RV" is essentially now underwater after a mudslide that dumped a huge load of glacial till into the river there on R. Right. It stripped the righthand bank down to bedrock and is clearly evident. The boulder garden immediately downstream is still there. Most routes will be found left of center, but expect wood in the center and on the right. High flows will probably keep this boulder garden rearranging itself for a few years. After the boulder garden the run tapers down to some class II-III before arriving at "Roadside Attraction".

"Roadside Attraction" is IV+ at most water levels. It is a very straightforward yet powerfully focused rapid that runs right alongside the road in the open. Often you'll see assorted tourists or whoever lining the road overlooking the rapid. There's a big wavetrain and it's one of those rapids you really should just run right down the gut! But if you want to sneak it there are two fun boofs into eddies along the R. Right bank. These are flow dependent.

The next rapid below Roadside Attraction just got a little gnarlier: Now dubbed "Born On The Fourth of July", there is a lot of small rocks that the 2011 mudflow from Fouth of July Creek dumped into the R. Left side of the river here, effectively closing off what used to be a sneak route around the stout ledges on the right. This rapid is now half a class more difficult at higher flows. The riverbed is straighter here, and constricted as it dumps over two or three powerful, riverwide ledge holes. You've been warned. Look to skirt them by hugging the left bank at high flows, otherwise you can weave between the holes at "normal flows". This one is bound to change in the next few seasons also.

Good class IV boogie water takes you quickly down to "Log Limbo". This long, complex rapid is plainly visible from the pullout off the road that circles the big chunk of rock. It is rare that there isn't at least one "log limbo" somewhere in the rapid, so the name remains apt. Log Limbo should be carefully scouted. You can argue whether it deserves a class IV or V distinction, but depending on flows and current woody configurations, some problems could arise in this rapid. Notably the bottom right is plugged up with a mess of sieves and log jams. There are seemingly endless combinations of routes one could take, which makes it a very cool rapid. People usually take out here and run laps.

Below Log Limbo is a quick class III followed by about a mile of flat water before arriving at "Bridge Creek Rapid". Bridge Creek is a stout Class VI rapid that is always portaged (though it has been run by a few, in fact someone died there once). You can put in below it and paddle the run-out which is class IV+.

Below Bridge Creek Rapid is more IV- boogie water until you arrive at 8 Mile Campground
on R. Left which is the beginning of the middle section. Ricochete lurks just downstream. Combing the Upper, the middle, and everything inbetween amounts to about 6 miles of river if you take out just below the diversion dam.


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