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Peshastin Creek    Highway 97 culvert to Wenatchee River™ ©
Class III+ (IV)
Max Gradient 200 fpm

River Mapplet
Put In Longitude : -120.65606 Putin
Put In Latitude : 47.4542961
Take Out Longitude : -120.57490 Take Out
Take Out Latitude : 47.557373
County : Chelan Shuttle
   Gauge Information (Professor Paddle updated levels from Peshastin Creek blw Ingalls at )
Gauge Forecast Height Current Flow Authority Physical Update
Peshastin Creek blw Ingalls | FC Page   cfs  Washington State DOE
Minimum Recomended Level:  350 cfs     Maximum Recomended Level:  800 cfs 


Multiple Access points along Hwy 97 for shorter/longer/easier/harder runs. Lots of option.

  Putin Details

Follow Blewett Pass (SR 97) south from the big Y in Peshastin 7.5 miles. About 1/2 mile past the turn off for Ingalls Creek Road there is a big turnout. Put in here, about 1/4 mile below the confluence with Ingalls Creek or continue up to the next big turnout right at the confluence with Ingalls. Lots of parking and easy creek access at both spots.

There are several alternative put-ins as well.

For more action, you can put in on Ingalls Creek at the Ingalls Creek trail head (which adds another mile of class IV). More info on Ingalls here: INGALLS CREEK PP PAGE

You can also put-in about a mile higher up on Peshastin where the creek comes out of a culvert. This section is narrow and has some class IV drops and usually some wood. Scout this entire section before running.

If you're not up to running Fresh Squeezed, you can put in just below it (but be ready to jump right into some continuous 3+). Look for the turnout about 1/4 mile south of mile marker 179.

For an even easier run than that there are a few different access spots starting about a mile below Fresh Squeezed.

  Takeout Details

The parking lot at the dam at the Wenatchee is the lower take-out (or you can portage the dam and continue down the Wenatchee for big water fun).

There are several other spots available for shorter runs. Driving up HWY 97 and keeping an eye open will reveal most. Some obvious looking spots are private property. Don't tresspass.

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 Confirmed... 100yds or so after the bridge (bridge has a yellow rope dangling). Mandatory portage. - Posted by: MacGanzer on 4/5/2016 10:39:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

 Wood in a few places... 1-Aboout 1/4 mile above FS, rootball pointing upstream- Go left. 2-Just downstream of the first bringe below FS, riverwide, Portage right. Be prepared to grab bush at high water to stop. 3- At the dam there is a tree across most the river, sneak left, also 2 big trees on the dam but the left side sneak route is clear. 4-At the lower bridge there is a log across most the river but at 575 you can go under without having to duck. - Posted by: JoesKayak on 4/18/2016 9:07:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

 In the S-turns just above fresh squeezed the logs that were sneak-able are now a very tight squeeze, recommend portage on the left. Be aware of private land, there is an easy walk around at a last chance eddy. Recommend scouting this so you know where it is. Drive up about 100 yards from the fresh squeezed scout. Picture: - Posted by: NateW on 4/25/2016 12:02:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

 200 Yards below Ingalls/Peshastin confluence. Wood that was an easy move left has shifted creating a more difficult move. Water goes right over the top at 1000CFS, at lower levels could be a real hazard. - Posted by: NateW on 4/25/2016 12:04:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

 5/15/16, 700 cfs, ran from below Fresh Squeezed to the Wenatchee. First bridge you cross under, about 200 yards downriver there is a river-wide log (47.494043, -120.636284). We stopped on river left, some portaged on left and others portaged on right (one-boat eddy). Below 97 bridge to Wenatchee River there was wood in many places, but it all went. Wood in middle of dam, but fish ladder was clean. - Posted by: shanna on 5/17/2016 6:52:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

 The wood at the s-turn upstream from Fresh Squeezed has shifted again. There are still 3 logs there but you can sneak it on the left. Drive 100 yards upstream from Fresh Squeezed and take a look before you run. - Posted by: JoesKayak on 5/31/2016 8:54:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

 4/3/17 shortly downstream from the confluence with Ingalls, there is some wood in a busy section of the creek with a fairly narrow line through it. scout just downstream at the pullout before the usual put in, or put in below it. The rest of the wood is fairly obvious. - Posted by: kurle on 4/4/2017 7:36:00 PM -  [Remove Alert]

 From Facebook on 5/27 "Looked at fresh squeezed yesterday 5/27 and there was a submerged log blocking most of the river at the lead in. Flow was 800 and it was a no go for us. Higher flows you''d be able to go over it, but definitely give it a look if you''re boating peshastin." - Posted by: JayB on 5/30/2017 10:56:00 AM -  [Remove Alert]

There are no forum threads pinned to this run.

Features on this run

Feature Name Class
Fresh Squeezed III+-IV
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  Other Issues

The gage for this run:

This run, while rated class III+(IV), should not be underestimated due to its gradient and non-stop nature. You should be careful not to lead novices down this run unless they have very solid class III fundamentals and a good roll. Many runs result in swims at Fresh Squeezed, and yardsales down the remaining portion of this relentless continuous run. Gear and swimmers get separated by miles very quick, so if your rescue skills aren't up to the task, have the beginners run shuttle and save this run for another day or have your less experienced boaters use a lower put-in and run the easier stuff before stepping up to the harder upper sections.

Results may vary and gauge readings don't always seem to jive from year to year so always get a visual on the flow beforehand.

Flow in CFS, Peshastin Creek at Green Bridge Road gage:

250 - 350    LOW (III-III+) - Bony technical boating, but still quite fun, at least in the upper 3 miles. Pin potential is up, but cleanup after a mishap is more manageable as the creek isn't super fast as it is at most normally run levels. The lower 4-5 miles is very bony at this level and usually isn't run.

350-450    MED LOW (III-IV-) - Technical boulder dodging and tons of small boofs at this range. Good range for first timers.

450-650    MED (III+ - IV-) - The creek is getting more padded out picking up speed at this range, but there are still lots of shallow rocks to miss. Very fun and fast technical creeking.

650-800    MED-HIGH (III+ - IV) - Small boulders are getting covered and replaced by long wave trains punctuated by holes. Super fun zone but stay in control. Swims can be epic at these levels.

800-1200    HIGH    (IV) - She's a roaring like a freight train when up at these levels. Super fun for those with the skill to run very continuous whitewater. Individually the rapids aren't much harder than at medium levels but they are linked together for miles with very few eddies. Recent wood report very advisable and don't swim.

  Fun Facts

For a fun full day of boating you can put in on Peshastin and continue down the Wenatchee for some bigwater fun.

   Run Description [Season: Spring]

The upper third of the Peshastin Creek run is very continuous class III+ (200 fpm in the first mile). Soon below the put-in (or the confluence of Ingalls if you ran it) you'll pass under a bridge. The action briefly tapers off to class III, and then gradually builds up to III+ again before it climaxes at Fresh Squeezed. You'll know you are approaching Fresh Squeezed when you see a retaining wall and some irrigation pumps on R. Left. There isn't a good eddy here, but if your group is small enough you can stop here briefly to catch your breath.

Fresh Squeezed is a long, focused rapid comprised of three small (2-3ft) ledges that lead down to a final 4-6' drop that is quite powerful. The clean line is on river right through the final drop, although you can also s-turn your way through to a route down the leftside of the last big boulder. Logs could make this rapid very dangerous so be sure to give it a look on the drive to the put in. The rapid can be found 0.8 miles downstream of the tiny town of Ingalls Creek behind a grassy roadside hill. You should have a deliberate plan for setting safety here if you have novice paddlers in your group: It is a good idea to get someone out on R. Left with a throwbag, and to have a chase boater or two in the eddies on the Left. Yardsales are common here, and gear has a way of running off without you.

You can scout Fresh Squeezed before your run (and this is always recommended to check for wood) by stopping at the pullout a little ways past mile marker 179.

The next mile or so after Fresh Squeezed is quite steep and contains lots of great III+ action, as this section slows down a little it comes to a more defined rapid consisting of a ledge drop near a cliff on river left. This drop gives some great tail stands, but you can skirt it right if you like. After this ledge,the creek gradually eases off with the difficulty rarely exceeding III-. Still, the action is constant so be sure to catch a micro-eddy occasionally and catch your breath or to give those with less experience than you a chance to do so. The lower 4-5 miles of the creek features many long sections of class II punctuated by a few more difficult rapids that pick up again in the last mile with some nice wave trains right up to the confluence with the Wenatchee.

In the lower section of the creek you'll encounter a small weir in this section, so make sure to check it out and portage if necessary. There is a fish ladder on the left side that is runnable if the water is high enough to fill it in. The weir is about 2 miles downstream from the HWY 97 bridge. You'll pass 2 more small bridges after the Highway bridge. The weir is a little ways past the 2nd small bridge.

Make sure to keep your eye out for logs, they are an ever present danger on a creek of this size.

Alternate Access: There are a couple access points below Fresh Sqeezed, one just below the rapid itself and a couple more at bridges (log bridge, Hwy 97 bridge, or Green road bridge) or spots the creek gets close to the road. These can serve as alternate take-outs or put-ins. This is nice if you have a group of mixed ability levels: Your more advanced boaters can go up to run the more difficult stuff and meet your novices downstream for the lower, easier section. And you can also step it up by launching on Ingalls creek or make for a nice long trip by continuing down the Wenatchee.

Also note: If you plan on continuing down the Wenatchee, the Dryden Dam is just a couple hundred yards downstream from the confluence and is a severe drowning hazard. Portage right.


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